A few days ago I had the opportunity to visit with many people in Prowers and Bent counties. In my work on Colorado transportation issues, I’d already learned how different the concerns can be in the more rural areas of the state. This visit certainly echoed that view.

On Tuesday night, President Trump rightly highlighted the victories already won against government overreach through regulation and bureaucracy. This is good news. 
But my visits with officials in Prowers County, towns of Granada, Trinidad, Lamar and Las Animas served as a reminder that all the federal regulations can bring hardship on local governments already struggling to meet the needs of their residents.
It is all about balance. As a commercial pilot, I know that training requirements and safety procedures help keep air travel safe. But we need to tread carefully with regulations. 
Local government officials like the ones I met this week need someone to hear their side of the story. And they also need someone to champion their viewpoint in  Washington, D.C. by making it known in Congress and to federal agencies.
I’ll use this blog to fill you in on the campaign and what we’re doing. And I’ll close this post with a photo from my trip. A very special hello to the folks I had lunch with at the Trinidad senior center. You were so kind and I really enjoyed my time with you!
– Jim

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