My decision to challenge the sitting Republican in Colorado’s 4th Congressional District was not an easy one. Many people have worked hard to promote our party’s values and retain its leadership in CD4 and in the House of Representatives.

One thing I have learned in my years in elected office is that there are plenty of people willing to hold their strong ideological ground. But all too often, those people hold opinions informed only by their individual world-view or one that is shared by a very small minority. Too often, people refuse to – or, are not invited to – the negotiating table and thus have no platform from which to move their interests forward, and by definition, the interests of their constituents.

I am a lifelong Republican and a conservative, and I am happy to share why conservative values lead to opportunity and prosperity for every American at every income level and in every community. Because of my conviction that the House is the branch of government that best voices the people’s views and expectations, I am challenging Ken Buck in hopes of restoring your voice.

Once I’m elected, I will make an impact on many important issues but I want the focus to be on you, the constituent. That’s the job. I’m not sure Ken Buck understands that, because the more I visit with residents of CD4, the more out of sync I realize Ken Buck is. For example:

  1. Our district has a workforce that would be envy of any, yet Ken Buck has done very little to promote the interest of employers and employees. If he’d succeeded, his attempt to stop tax reform could have ground to a halt our current economic expansion and and certainly would have blocked the tax relief and the increased pay many now have because of the bill. And his lack of involvement on trade issues leaves our interests unrepresented.
  2. There has been little said or done by the Congressman to provide a roadmap for sustainable growth and security for current or future workforce. Local governments and economic development agencies are very active, yet they need a federal partner to achieve all their goals.
  3. The most talked-about “accomplishment” of our sitting Congressman is a book he authored which skewers our political system as a whole (including the Republican party), and accuses both parties of colluding to fleece American taxpayers.

Now, I’ll be the first person to defend a person’s right to express themselves. But I’ll also be the first person to ask if this expression serves to advance the interests and future of the 4th Congressional District. It would be one thing if we had energetic representation that showed progress while at the same time exposing and reforming the flaws in our current system. That is not what is happening. Sadly, Ken Buck has played a significant part of the deep polarization in Congress – and unfortunately that means our District risks being paralyzed.

I love our state, I love our District, and I want our elected representatives to the U.S. Congress to work very hard for us; much in the same manner each of us leaves our home in the morning or evening and works hard for ourselves, our families, and future.

I elect a representative to represent all our interests in the 4th Congressional District. I don’t know anyone who succeeds in their career by saying “no” most of the time, or refuses to sit at the negotiating table, ignoring the pressing problems at home and abroad.

I’m committed to bringing to a roadmap for future prosperity back to our District. I’ll sit down with the opposition until we can find a path forward, always keeping the constituents of the 4th in the forefront of my mind and actions. I will not isolate myself from you, from others in our party, or even from those whom I rightfully disagree.

As your next Congressman, I will focus on the bigger picture, look forward, and craft outcomes that benefit everyone I serve. As your Representative, I will truly take actions that prove you are represented. I will focus on you, work very hard for your vote, and your continued support once I am elected.